Over the years we have picked up some tips and tricks on how to budget effectively. This is crucially important for both saving up your down payment as well as making sure you are able to make your payment each month.

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9 Things You Can Stop Spending on Today to Save Money

budgetMaking a budget is tedious. It is almost impossible to plan on how much you are going to spend. Life is chaos and planning in chaos puts the "fail" in the saying, "Even the best laid plans fail."

Turn Your Finances Around With This One App 

I write a lot about bad credit and how to get auto loans if you have bad credit. As someone who recovered their credit from the missteps of the late teenage years, I haven't I have written enough about how I manage my money and also my credit. Today I am going to discuss my absolute favorite budgeting application and how it can drastically change your financial situation in a short amount of time. 

3 Common Misconceptions about Budgeting for an Auto Loan

Everyone has a budget. Everyone. Whether you are purchasing a t-shirt or a used car, you will have probably set specific parameters for how much you are willing to spend. The parameters you have set are almost certainly related to your monthly income, your saving and spending habits, your monthly bills outlay, and your comfort levels in taking on debt. The similarities of buying a used car and a t-shirt end shortly into the discussion, unless you are paying cash for a vehicle and then your budget is some fraction of the cash you have in your bank account. While you are budgeting, avoid making the following mistakes.